I arrived at Wheaton in January 2018 to teach a single marketing class, which quickly grew into a full-time teaching position at the school. Before this, I was teaching as an Adjunct Professor at Bentley University and have created and taught courses for various online sites, including CreativeLive and LinkedIn Learning.

CC Chapman wearing a black shirt leans against a cubical farm

During my time here, I’ve served as the Program & Partnership Director for Wheaton Innovates with MassChallenge and as the Business and Technology Immersion Experience Faculty Director. In 2019, I represented our Faculty with President Hanno when we traveled to Mumbai, India, for The Jio Vichaar Innovation Bootcamp.

I am currently the Faculty Advisor for The Ohm Initiative. This theme house is focused on changing the face of excellence through inclusivity. Their target is within the STEM fields of study.

Before Wheaton, I spent most of my career in the digital marketing space. I’ve worked on a variety of projects with clients such as The Coca-Cola Company, JetBlue, HBO, Verizon, and American Eagle Outfitters. Traveling the world, I’ve been able to speak to tens of thousands of people over the years.

Creating is my first passion, and I’ve been fortunate to write two best-selling books. Amazing Things Will Happen is my guidebook to success and happiness. Content Rules (co-written with the amazing Ann Handley) was one of the first books published on content marketing and is still used by many companies and colleges as part of their foundational learning.

I love technology and am always looking to try something new. I began blogging in 2002, podcasting in 2004, and I oversaw the building of our agency’s virtual world complex in 2006. The bleeding edge is a fun place to play and work.

Here is a video I made during COVID to help my students know a bit more about me.