How To Find My Office

Long brick academic building with a blue sky and green grass in front of it. Sign on the building reads Diana Davis Spencer Discovery Center.

With the Old Science Center being renovated and renamed, I wanted to make sure you could find me. My office is Discovery Center 2307, located in the Business and Management Suite.

This building below, on the right, is the Diana Davis Spencer Discovery Center, Dedicated to Free Speech and Innovation.

A circle made of bricks on the ground with two large red brick college buildings in the background.

You’ll want to enter through these front doors.

Metal and glass doors on the front of a brick academic building.

Once inside the building, you’ll see our Fab Lab almost directly in front of you to the left.

Glass walls look into multiple innovation spaces. Blue and yellow modern chairs sit in the hallway of this college building.

Turn left and proceed directly down the hall to the door straight ahead of you that leads to the Business and Management Suite.

Industrial hallways mostly gray and white.

Once you open that door, you’ll see Professor Bray’s office on the left, our conference room straight ahead of you, and my office next to that.

If you turn right, you’ll find all of the other current Business Faculty offices as well.

Inside of an academic building with glass doors and chairs.

My office hours are typically Mondays and Wednesdays from 2-4 pm but swing by anytime for some candy or conversation.

The inside of a fun professors office that has a variety of art on the wall, a bookshelf and a candy bowl.