Five Years Behind. How Many Ahead?

A colorful illustration of a variety of college students sitting in a crowded classroom

This month, I’m celebrating my fifth anniversary at Wheaton.

So much has happened over that time, and looking back, I can’t help but feel proud of all that I’ve been part of. Three big accomplishments that are warming my soul:

  1. The Business and Management program, which had no full-time professors when I joined, has grown into one of the most diverse and successful Departments on our campus. I was brought on board initially to teach a second section of Marketing, and this fall helped create a newly approved Marketing Minor. 
  2. I successfully survived the insane pandemic days of hybrid teaching and was there when students were allowed back on campus. I often think of how many students thanked me for remaining on campus, and I’m thankful I could do that for them. 
  3. After years of work by many colleagues, members of our faculty now have a bit more respect with the creation of Professor of Practice titles for those that desire them. There is still lots of work to bring equity for us non-tenure-track folks, but one step at a time. 

With a career that has been a whirlwind of change, I’m enjoying the more steady flow I’ve found here. I would have no complaints if my remaining days were spent teaching.

The mix of staying on top of the latest trends, technology, and approaches to make sure my students are always learning the latest and greatest information is a challenge I enjoy. Every semester seeing students enter the classroom with confused looks and leaving with a deeper understanding of the topics feels good.

I’m seeing former students starting their careers, switching jobs, and beginning families. It is rewarding to watch.

These are trying days in Higher Education, and I know we’ve got changes on the horizon, but I’ve always found myself in industries that needed to evolve, so change is part of my life. 

I hope all my fellow educators have a positive semester, and I can’t wait to meet my new students.