Content Marketing LEAPS

Liberal Arts and Professional Success (LEAPS) are interdisciplinary academic pathways created through a series of courses and experiences that help students identify and develop the knowledge and skills needed for professional success.

I am proud to have created and serve as the Advisor for the Content Marketing LEAPS.

Illustration of a student surrounded by pop ups of various social media and digital marketing sites.

Students will learn how to plan, schedule, and create content for any organization, company, or individual. They will learn the role marketing plays, the level of detail that must go into planning out content calendars, and finally, how to create media that can be leveraged across multiple channels in the new media landscape.

As with all LEAPS, a series of courses must be completed with an experiential learning component to take the knowledge and skills learned and put them into practice.

Experiential Opportunity

Most of the courses listed as part of this LEAPS already have vital experiential components, which is why they were chosen.

On top of that, students will work with an organization, club, or office on campus to plan out and build content marketing pieces for them. This might be for admissions to attract new students, a large event such as Spring Weekend, or a performance in the theater. (NOTE: If students obtain a related internship with an off-campus organization, that would also count as a required experience.)

They will need to gather requirements, brainstorm types of content, build a calendar on the platforms that they will be shared on, and finally create the actual content pieces. This might be blog posts, images for social networks, or videos. It depends on the group’s needs and which types of content the student is most comfortable creating.

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