Using Google To Find Internships

As the Business and Management Department’s Internship Liason, I’m here to help our students with their internship search.

To make it easier for myself (and you), I decided to answer the number one question I get, “how do I look for an internship?”

The first part of that answer is that you should immediately make an appointment with Career Services as their fantastic team is there to help you, and you will want to get to know them.

Second, you must have a detailed resume assembled and established profiles with job searches set up in Handshake, LinkedIn, and Indeed. There are multiple other job boards out there, and I’d encourage you to have accounts set up on all that makes sense for you and the industries you are looking to work in.

After all of that, one powerful tool that I want to highlight is using Google to search for an internship. You probably already use it to search for everything else, so why not use their custom tool for this as well? The best part is that if Google can see the job posting, you can search for it. It isn’t dependent on the company posting it to a specific job board, so internships you might often miss only show up here.

Let me show you how.

1. Enter the type of position you are looking for on Google. In this case, I kept it generic and searched for business internships.

Google search result showing business internship listings.

2. Click on the word Jobs or any listing, and you’ll be brought into the detailed job search area.

Google listing of business internship jobs.

3. At the top of this screen, you can see all the filter options you can choose to fine-tune your internship search. Click on each to further filter your search to what makes the most sense for you. Remember that you may want to set up multiple different searches, so go through this process once, and then you can start it over numerous times.

4. Take a moment to notice that they show where you can apply under each job listing. Some will have multiple job board listings, which can be a great way to identify new places you should set up a profile on that you might not have heard of before.

Internship listing on Google

5. As you can see, each job also has a save or share icon, so if you find something that you think a friend might like, don’t hesitate to send it to them. Any job you save, you can quickly go back and find later.

6. Finally, once everything is filtered to match your desires, click the slider in the lower left-hand corner for “New Job Alerts.” That way, when Google finds something new that matches your criteria, you’ll be notified. I would encourage you to set up multiple job alerts. Especially if there are multiple industries or locations that you are looking at.

Google job alert screenshot

There you go! You are now using Google to help you find an internship.

Technology is excellent to assist in finding things, but at the end of the day, it comes down to you working hard to find internships that meet your needs. I’m always happy to sit down and discuss what you can do to be more successful, and please don’t hesitate to drop by my office any time you see me there. My door is always open to students.

Let me know if this is helpful or if I forgot to include something that could help other students.

Happy Internship Searching!

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