Adding Marketing to the Mix at Wheaton

College students smile at the camera in a classroom at sunset

I’m not your classically trained marketer, and my career has rarely followed a traditional path.

When I graduated high school, someone I trusted told me I should not major in marketing because it would be hard to find a good job. With my love of computers and the new world they were opening up, it would make more sense to major in. Yet, I went on to launch and sell my marketing agency, speak on stages around the world about it, and co-wrote an international best-selling book on content marketing. 

Too many young people are given poor advice, even if it is given with the best intentions. My colleagues and I work hard to encourage every student to explore classes, majors, and minors they are interested in. I’m thankful that Wheaton’s compass curriculum empowers our students to do that. 

After a successful two decades career in marketing that found me working on some of the most creative projects for the world’s most well-known brands, I walked into a classroom to guest lecture and fell in love with teaching. When I joined the fledgling Business and Management program five years ago to teach a needed second section of the popular marketing class, who knew we’d get to where we are today?

I’m excited to share that our Business Department now offers a major and minor in Marketing!

Our concentration in marketing, new media, and media analytics has continually been one of our most popular for business majors. Students from various majors kept asking for more marketing courses, and in recent years we were able to add marketing analytics, advertising, and digital marketing. With the approval of our new major, you can expect more exciting courses in the coming semesters. 

We created the marketing major to give flexibility to each student to shape it to their career goals and dreams. You’ll choose from an ever-growing list of classes across campus in Digital Tools and Data Analysis, Content Creation and Production, and Cultural Theory. 

Marketing is a core part of every successful business, and I’m excited to meet and teach each student who wants to learn more.

If you have questions, swing by my office or email me. I’m happy to chat about it anytime and with anyone.  If you want to learn more about Wheaton College, I will also discuss that.